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Wedding first-dance

Wedding first-dance

Wedding dance tuition offers couples a unique opportunity to enhance their wedding experience and create lasting memories. Through my personalized instruction, tailored choreography, and the development of social dancing skills, dance lessons provide numerous benefits for couples preparing for their special day. Firstly, wedding dance tuition offers personalized instruction that caters to the couple’s specific needs and skill levels. Professional instructors are adept at identifying the couple’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to create a customized learning plan. Whether the couple has prior dance experience or are total beginners, instructors can adapt their teaching methods to ensure the couple feels comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Secondly, the creation of tailored choreography is a highlight of wedding dance tuition. I work closely with the couple to develop a routine that reflects their unique style and personalities. This personalized choreography allows the couple to showcase their love and connection, making their first dance a truly memorable and meaningful moment for themselves and their guests. The choreography can range from simple and elegant to intricate and lively, depending on the couple’s preferences and comfort level. Lastly, wedding dance tuition not only prepares couples for their big day but also equips them with social dancing skills that can be enjoyed beyond the wedding. Learning basic steps and techniques allows couples to feel more confident and at ease during other social events that involve dancing. These skills can be applied to future celebrations, gatherings, or even a spontaneous dance session at home. The benefits of wedding dance tuition extend far beyond the wedding day itself, providing couples with the tools to continue dancing and enjoying each other’s company for years to come. In conclusion, wedding dance tuition is a valuable investment for couples preparing for their wedding day. The personalized instruction, tailored choreography, and development of social dancing skills create a memorable experience that not only enhances the couple’s first dance but also provides them with lifelong skills and a deeper connection. By taking dance lessons, couples can ensure that their wedding day is not only a beautiful celebration but also a joyous and graceful experience on the dance floor. Always check out references of the teacher before booking


Wedding first-dance

Wedding first dance

We are pleased to announce that we are teaching back at our old venue in Watford. We also offer home visit tuition(subject to suitable floor area)
If you would like to discuss your options, please contact me directly Tel: 07944 462461

Wedding First-Dance

Wedding First-Dance

The dance style for Your First Dance Your decision! If you have a particular style of dancing in mind, then great. If you don’t then that’s fine too. Either way, Richard will help you explore your artistic side! More often than not the style of dance will be dictated by the song you choose. Richard will use appropriate steps for you that naturally relate to the tempo and style of music you choose. It is likely that you will incorporate more than one style of dance. This is normal for a choreographed routine as some of the moves you’ll learn won’t technically be a dance move as such… an embrace for example!
When you and your partner take to the dance floor for your Wedding First Dance all the guests will be watching you.
Let the inner dancer in you out for the most special day in your life! Whether you can dance or not, you’re simply a bit nervous or you would like to feel more confident… Richard can help you! Richard Putko is available to make you both feel confident and relaxed when you step onto the dance floor for that First Dance! Richard can do sessions around the Home Counties; either in your home or at a designated studio. You only need a room with around 10 feet x 12 feet (preferably wooden floor or tiles)

Dance Packages Available

The normal First dance Package is 5 hours of lessons. Experience shows that 5 hours is the best time to choreograph a great routine for you.
Lessons are normally 1 hour. Lessons are £75.00 per hour (for 3 hours or more)  If however you want a trial, Richard can offer you a first dance session of one hour for £75. You can upgrade from the trial to the regular package and it works out to £350 If 1 hour isn’t enough and 5 hours is too much, then you can just book for however many hours of lessons you’d like. The Result A lovely choreographed dance routine that will “wow” your guests and give you a sense of achievement. Richard can also run a dance session for guests after the reception meal. Your family and friends can enjoy a fun session of Latin American dances that will get the party going.

The Music/Song for Your First Dance

Your choice!
If you have a particular song track in mind for your first dance, then that’s fine. Richard will explore with you the best styles of dance to suit you and which can be applied to your song.
If you don’t have a tune in mind then he will help you find the one that’s just right for you. Here is a list of popular wedding dance songs.

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