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T and C

The following Terms and Conditions detail the agreement between us Richard’s Dance Academy and YOU ‘THE
CUSTOMER’. When you make a payment for lessons you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions
which detail what we will do for you and what you should expect from our service. In the unlikely occurrence of
a misunderstanding please refer to these Terms and Conditions.
To protect your interests please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before making a payment. If you are
uncertain as to your rights under them or you want any explanation about them please contact us to make a
Responsibilities of Richard’s Dance Academy
• To provide an Instructor to create a routine suiting your ability and requirements
•We reserve the right to substitute the Instructor and re‐arrange the lessons should the Instructor become
• In the event that the Instructor is, due to unforeseen circumstances, unable to attend a lesson the fees paid
will be returned to YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’
• We are not responsible for any damage to the property of YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ (or owner of lesson space) or
for any physical or mental harm or injury to YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’during the lessons.
Responsibilities of the Instructor
• To instruct an appropriate dance for YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’
• To consult YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ on your requirements.
• To assess the needs and abilities of YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’, and conduct the lesson in a manner appropriate to
• To create and rehearse the dance routine with YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’over the agreed period of lessons.
• To agree to and abide by the Richard’s Dance Academy ‘Code of Conduct’
• To not be responsible for any damage to the property of YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ (or owner of dance space) or
for any physical or mental harm or injury to YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’during the lessons.
• To arrange any lessons additional to that agreed in the initial booking, via Richard’s Dance Academy Responsibilities of YOU ‘THE CLIENTS’
• To take dance lessons from the Instructor
• To treat the Instructor with dignity and respect. Behavior that is considered insulting or abusive will result in
cancellation of all outstanding lessons.
• To inform Richard’s Dance Academy and your Instructor of any medical conditions or injuries prior to the first
• To provide a suitable space and sound system for the lessons to be conducted.
• To contact Richard’s Dance Academy to arrange any additional dance lessons not agreed in the initial booking.
• To not hold Richard’s Dance Academy or the Instructor responsible for any damage to your property (or that
of owner of the dance space) or for any personal physical or mental harm or injury to yourselves during the
Payment is due no later than 7 days before the first session.
Lessons are not confirmed until payment has been made.
Failure to pay within the period specified shall result in the non‐occurrence of lessons.
Cancellation and Rescheduling
• Richard’s Dance Academy reserve the right to cancel a lesson with 24 hours notice.
• Cancellation will only occur if the Instructor should become unavailable due to extreme circumstances out of
Richard’s Dance Academy control. In this circumstance Richard’s Dance Academy will endeavour to either find a
replacement Richard’s Dance Academy or re‐schedule the lesson. If this is not possible, the lesson will be
cancelled and we will refund YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ for the cancelled lesson.
• YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’’ can cancel or reschedule lessons with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Cancelled classes
will receive a refund.
• Lessons cancelled or rescheduled by YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ within 7 days of the lesson are not eligible for a full
refund refund.
• In the circumstance of cancelling or re‐scheduling Richard’s Dance Academy cannot guarantee the new dates
will be successfully arranged.
• Richard’s Dance Academy do not refund payment if:
o YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ decide you are not happy with either the tuition or the Instructor after all lessons have
been completed. This is because YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ should alert Richard’s Dance Academy to any issues as
detailed in ‘Complaints’ as soon as the problem arises within the course of lessons.
o YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’’ decide not to continue with your booked classes midway through the booking, or if the
sessions are cancelled.
In the event that YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ are unhappy with the service provided by Richard’s Dance Academy, you
must raise the issue with Richard’s Dance Academy immediately to explain the situation. Depending on
individual circumstances, Richard’s Dance Academy will arrange for a replacement Instructor, in extreme
circumstances offer a refund for the lesson and any subsequent lessons. If a replacement Instructor can be
arranged Richard’s Dance Academy reserve the right to reschedule the lessons.
• Richard’s Dance Academy can terminate this Agreement by giving 24 hours notice.
• Richard’s Dance Academy reserve the right to terminate this Agreement immediately should YOU ‘THE
CUSTOMER’ be in breach of contract.
• YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ may terminate this Agreement by giving 48 hours notice.
by YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ is subject to cancellation charges as follows:
14‐7 days before due date: 30% of agreed fee, 7‐3days 50 % of fee, 3days 75% less than 3 days 100% due. The
charges are non negotiable as Richard’s Dance Academy will have booked the time for YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’
and not taken bookings from potential Customers.
YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ agree that Richard’s Dance Academy will not be liable to you for any claim or demand,
including reasonable solicitor’s fees, due to or arising from YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’ lessons with Richard’s Dance
Entire Agreement and Applicable Law
This Agreement sets out all of the Terms and Conditions between Richard’s Dance Academy and YOU ‘THE
This contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and English Courts shall have jurisdiction
in relation to the Agreement. Richard’s Dance Academy reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions
from time to time without giving notice to YOU ‘THE CUSTOMER’’.
Richard’s Dance Academy