Oxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd Watford WD19 4DA


Teaching with style since 1992

Wedding first-dance

Wedding dance tuition offers couples a unique opportunity to enhance their wedding experience and create lasting memories. Through my personalized instruction, tailored choreography, and the development of social dancing skills, dance lessons provide numerous benefits for couples preparing for their special day. Firstly, wedding dance tuition offers personalized instruction that caters to the couple’s specific…
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Tango intensivo Monday

A one off intensive class of authentic Argentine Tango with Watford’s longest running Tango teacher, Richard. Established 2002.7.30pm-9.30pm Fundamentals of the dance to get you some social dance steps to include Salida, Ochos front and back.Ideal for Beginners and Improvers level. Singles most welcome. Limited to 12 people £20 ppOxhey Community Hall King Edward Rd…
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Wedding testimonial

2/09/2023 Mick Wright. Watford via WhatsApp. We had a great dance. I think there are videos. I must confess to throwing style to the wind with the arm throws and going for the John travolta look instead!! But the dance was a hit and your idea of 2 mins thirty and then getting everyone else…
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5 reasons to dance

Here are five good reasons to dance: 1. Physical Fitness: Dancing is a great form of exercise that helps improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and coordination. It engages various muscle groups and can help you burn calories, tone your body, and improve your overall fitness level. 2. Stress Relief: Dancing is an excellent way to…
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Private dance classes

privatedancelessons #learntodance #experiencedteacher #valueformoney I now have some evening hours available at a Watford venue.Do you want to learn a dance or improve your skill level? Why not call me and discuss your requirements. Private lessons get you up and dancing quickly. They also can iron out any issues you have with style.

Past moments

Its amazing to look back at the years I used to teach at Champneys heath farm at Tring. I taught several celebrities in my group Thursday night classes and most were very pleasant to deal with. I even made an article in the Daily Mail regarding teaching Cherie Blair and her daughter. We had a…
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Our hall

A brief video of the hall and rooms we use for our classes at Bushey and Oxhey Methodist church. I have been using the hall for 8 years and very happy here. The venue is popular for kids parties, as its clean and has a great kitchen area. Definitely worth considering for an event.

Private lesson reasons

1.Personalized Lessons Private lessons have a face-to-face setting Your instructor will concentrate only on you and will be able to personalize each lesson according to your skill level. 2. Faster Progress You’re most likely to progress faster since all your lessons are tailored according to your skill level. This means that your instructor will be…
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Private dance lessons

Prebooked Private dance lessons in Watford venue.I teach a variety of couples styles. Argentine Tango, Bachata, Chachacha, Merengue, Forro, RocknRoll Salsa Cubana. &pm-10pm hourly slots.Do you want to learn those dances or improve your level. I have been involved in running my own dance business since 1992 after taking various Ballroom & Latin Gold medals…
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Salsa 6 week courses

My next 6 week Salsa courses begin next Wednesday February 15th. A great way to start 2023. Get fit, have fun, meet new people. Please book TODAY to secure your place. We don’t offer drop in classes.www.salsaduende.com