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10/7/2017 Jon and Alina
“Richard is a lovely bloke and makes all of his lessons fun.  Alina and I are not natural dancers and we thought that learning our wedding dance would be nothing but a chore.  However, Richard planned out and adjusted our dance to suit our needs and he made it a really enjoyable experience with plenty of laughs.  He really knows how to put you at ease which makes the learning far more effective.

One more practice to go until the big day.  Crossing our fingers that we won’t mess it up on the night.

Many thanks Richard,

All the best,

Jon and Alina X’


19/11/2016 Romesh Perera

“Surprisingly I don’t have two left feet after couple of dance lessons from Richard. Still a novice but the approach Richard took with us gave us confidence in a wedding routine that we would have certainly struggled or perhaps not having one. It is the learner that should make every effort to learn but that can only be prudent if the teacher can engage the learner and adapt the lessons to the learner’s level. This I found to be a great asset that Richard has.”
Best wishes
Romesh Perera

10/10/2016 Gez Maznavi

Richard is a fantastic coach and dance teacher. Having never really danced before we booked a class with Richard to help us feel more comfortable for the first dance at our upcoming wedding.

We had such a wonderful experience in the first session that we booked 2 more and Richard managed to choreograph an interesting and fun dance for us.

Within just 3 sessions… (and some hard work and practice at home) we are now excited and looking forward to doing our dance on our big day!
Thank you Richard… we will be back 😉


15/06/2015 Bobby and Susy Kostadinov

“I’ve never enjoyed  dancing before and the wedding dance was the element I truly dreaded during our wedding day. Finding Richard was the best thing my wife could have done to help me out! He is an amazing teacher, very experienced. As a professional he helped us develop our routine, as well as train us how to perform to best effect (Smiles and waves to auntie!). He could tell from the first lesson that I had no experience and was feeling awkward and he really helped me relax and enjoy the dance. After only 5 lessons our performance was a great success and everyone was talking how well we’ve done! Now that the wedding is over, we will be looking to attend his group classes in the future.

Bobby & Suzy From Carpenders Park / Watford”




9/12/2013 Bogdan & Galina Marinuc

What can we say about Richard? 

We were already taking tango lesson when we decided to ask him to offer us some private classes for our wedding dance. 
The only problem was (beside my “tremendous” dancing skill – me as in the groom), we could not focus on a particular song. We did have “our song” like so many couples, but we wanted something different for our wedding first dance. 
We wanted something lovely, dynamic, and funny, yet elegant at the same time and Richard succeeded in coming up with the loveliest song and the loveliest dance routine, (which turned into the funniest dance when we started dancing it.) 
Anyway, we would like to thank Richard for being such an amazing teacher and friend. 
The lessons and time spent learning with Richard was absolutely great and funny for us, tiring, exhausting for Richard maybe. 
In the end we had a lovely first wedding dance on the loveliest of songs and rhythm. 
Richard is so much more than just a dance teacher; he also managed to find a song that described us so well. It was just perfect. 
And that’s thanks to Richard. for turning a stiff groom into a latino dancer.




Bogdan and Galina



13/02/2013 Joanne Pellow (via FreeIndex)

My husband and I had some private lessons with Richard who was brilliant and very patient especially as we have no dance experience. Would thoroughly recommend and will be booking us in for the 6 week course to learn more Salsa. Excellent fun and really good value and service.