Teachers Taught

Teachers of dance that came through my classes

Since 1992, I have helped and taught many existing teachers. The following are teachers or assistants in other classes that have attended my classes in the past. Some appreciate the assistance I gave but others pretend I never taught them. The people highlighted in brown are from Salsa classes and light blue, Tango

Laura Goodwin– Salsa. Salsa Revolution. Laura learned her first steps of Salsa with me at the Trade Union Hall in Watford and attended for many months.

Cynthia Hegarty-Pinner Arms. Cynthia studied from the beginning with me at Stanmore College and then at my classes in Watford. She runs Salsa classes and events now,

Tony Cook– Salsa. A teaching assistant in various classes around the area. I gave him private lessons in Watford with Pauline and they attended classes with me as well.

Peter Abbot– Salsa “And123” Peter studied with one my West Herts courses and attended classes that I ran in Watford for quite a while

Dorian Sharples– Salsa Mish. He attended classes for many months with his mother at the Irish club in Watford

Patricia -Rumba Latina Watford. They attended courses with me on Wednesdays on Oxhey during 2014. I also gave a private lesson to Patricia for teaching techniques. They decided to open up in competition to me in the area.

Sally Jones – Rumba Latina Sundays. Also teaching Kizomba. She attended my Wednesday classes for many months.

Guy Mayer. Tango. I taught him privately at his photography studio in Tring on Thursday afternoons. Another who has started up classes in my area.

Jo & Peter – Radlett Tuesdays. They attended my courses for a few times and had private lessons with me. Now  they are working with a local competitor teaching on Tuesdays occasionally.

These are just a few that I know about. If you know of others, please let me know. I hear from teachers that are working overseas now which is lovely. It is not good etiquette to set up close to where your original teacher is trading. 99% of students don’t do so but exceptions can be the rule.