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My Tango Trips

I travelled to Cuba in August/September for holiday and some dance teaching. I went to Casa del Tango in Havana and danced Tango there as well as Art Gallery in Calle Oreilly. I did some private coaching of a dancer from the Cuban National Ballet outside in El Prado. After travelling to Trinidad de Cuba, I did some Tango teaching with some of the show dancers from Club Amigo Costa Sur. It was such a lovely experience teaching students with such natural rhythm. I look forward to visiting again in 2015.

I spent 4 days in Madrid, checking out Tango and Salsa venues as well as some teaching on June 8th. Six hours in total for a group of 14 people.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyK_qomimXA]

There are some nice venues for Tango. On Friday I went to a dance studio in Calle Jacometreza, near to M Callao. Beautiful wood floor with one wall mirrored. It cost £7 with a drink a finished around 12am. There were some friendly dancers and not many Nuevo dancers. A mature crowd, very sociable. On Saturday I went to Calle Nunez de Arce for Guadalavaca Tango night. It was a lovely venue on the first floor, Not to big and I wa .unlucky as it was a quite night. I decided to walk down to the Way Hostel in Calle Carretas. They have a small Milonga that runs from 12-4am for the hardy dancers. Good music.
Sunday was the hightlight. I went to Cha3 at Plaza San Pol de Mar. A lovely smart venue, good dance floor, Milonguero style. The atmosphere was really good. I got introduced to an 86 year old man who was a lovely dancer and very complimentary to me. I met a charming Spanish dance school owner who wants me to do some work for her in the next few months…we shall see


During the month of July/August, I made the 16 hour flight to study Tango and teach a bit of Salsa in Buenos Aires. I stayed in San Telmo which is the ancestral home of Tango. An area close to the centre of BA that has a number of Salons for the dance enthusiast. It was the middle of winter but the Gods shone on me as the weather was very pleasant for most of the days. Each morning, I would venture out for some sight seeing and dance class in the afternoon. I met many teachers and found most to be very pleasant although time in Argentina is very flexible…..2pm was often 2.30pm mas o menos. It was galling for the first few days. No!, I tell the truth it was a pain in the ass all the time