Salsa, Latin courses.

Oxhey Community Hall, King Edward Rd. Watford WD19 4DA starts October 31st.
Our Salsa courses run every Wednesday in Watford
A course with Richard Salsaduende(teaching since 1992)

6 week courses £65. You can pay via BACS.
Santander Bank. Mr R Putko
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Amount £65 pp

Developing the steps of social Cuban style Salsa.
You will be taken through the steps in a fun way with Richard.

By the end of the session you will feel a better dancer than when you came through the door. 

For some information about Salsa dance history go here

Over the years, there have been a number of local teachers (assistants) who took classes with me for a while. Are they teaching you?  Check them out here Its very flattering to have imitations of your work out in the ether.

Course Outline
1/-7.15pm-8.15pm Learning some basic Cuban Salsa movement and floorcraft skills in social style. £65
2/-8.15pm-8.30pm Another dance
3/-8.30pm-9.30pm Salsa experienced level.
Developing an understanding of this dance and creating dance steps for social style £65
Course 1 + 2 =£85(suitable for experienced dancers)

Wednesdays -Fundamental Course: Times 7.30-8.15pm Details
1 Forward walks, side step and rocks.
2 Forward and Back Basics
3 Forward turn to the right plus leading Caminando(walks)
4 Reverse turns, side rock and contra Basics
5 Guapea and double hold movement.
6 Creating a dance routine with musicality

Week Wednesdays-Intermediate Course:Times 8.30-9.15pm Details

1 Guapea into forward turn and Leslie Philips step
2 Double hold movements into Caminando
3 Double hold leading a Suzi Q movement
4 Developing the Rumba step. Using different footwork
5 Side by side Salsa patterns
6 Creating a dance routine with musicality

Video taken with former dance partner before doing a fun class in Chalfont St Giles

This is the style that we teach on Wednesdays.