We offer Bachata and Merengue workshops a few times a year. Our special Latin dance workshops cover Bachata and Merengue as well. For information on when the next workshops are running, please contact us via email and we will add you to our database and keep you informed.
Interested in some background history of the dance? Please go here

Dominican Republic style

An evening designed for General level students and beginners.
Bachata Movements
Bachata music has four beats per measure. In Bachata dancing, the dancer takes three steps to four beats of music. As with Salsa, the step timing is three steps and then a one-beat pause. The knees are flexed on the steps. Given its humble origins, the steps are flat footed. The side walk basic is three steps in one direction (side-close-side-tap or touch) and the same pattern in the other direction. Nightclub dancers add a lift or hip motion on the tap/touch step. The timing if called out sounds like “one, two, three, uh; one, two, three, uh.” The walking basic is similar, with the dancers walking forward and back rather than side to side.

Merengue is sometimes called the national dance of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic shares the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola with its neighbour Haiti. Merengue music in turn shares similarities with the Haiti’s Méringue or Mereng music. The Dominican Merengue is sung Spanish while the Haitian Mereng is sung in Haiti’s native Creole.
The steps are like marching up and down but its how you”march” that counts. There are a lot of fun arm variations that are used. On the workshop, I shall be teaching the Merengue Rueda developed by Salsaduende in the early 90s. Its a lot of fun.

Schedule of the workshop

7.30pm-7.45pm Warm up movements for Bachata in lines.

7.45pm-8.45pm Bachata dance steps in open style and double hand hold. Includes various turns.

8.45pm-9pm Break with drinks, cake and biscuits plus Q & A.

9pm-9.45pm Merengue warm up followed by variations as dance in Dominican Republic. Creating a smooth way of dancing. We will also learn a few patterns within the Rueda style.

9.45pm-10pm Guided practice for Bachata and Merengue

This is a full on session that will have you moving from the opening minutes till the end of the class. I use partner rotation system so that the men learn how to lead women and women become better followers, responding to the different leads.

Cost £20 per person or £35 per couple.